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Welcome to The PGE-2 DIET® Program!

I want to show you a simple and proven system that you can use to manage pain, lose weight, and balance your hormones... so that you can...

  • Stay in shape and feel comfortable in your own body.
  • Control discomfort, enjoy your daily activities, and feel emotionally better, stronger, and richer.
  • Feel energetic, improve your well-being and live a better quality of life.


  • Wear the clothes you love, look and feel good, and enhance your self-esteem.
  • Improve your overall health, feel young again, and live with less stress and more freedom.
  • Get out of bed feeling well-rested, energized, and without pain.
  • Spend more quality time with your kids, spouse, and pet.
  • Experience better, more enjoyable sex with balanced hormones. And
  • Transform your life

...Without medication, tedious exercise, going keto or vegan, or spending a bunch of money.


Hi, this is Dr. Nicole Sundene. I'm absolutely obsessed with helping people improve their quality and quantity of life with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

In 2006, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I lived in severe pain, was very low on energy, and could barely walk 8 steps. I developed weight problems, was frustrated, depressed, hopeless, and lost all quality of life.

I remained in that poor state until 2016, when I finally discovered why I suffered persistent pain, gained weight inexplicably, and struggled with hormone imbalances.

You may have experienced similar issues.

You may have tried every trick in the book (including keto, vegan, Mediterranean, dedicated exercise routines, and all) and still can't get leaner and fitter. And something always seems to hold you back from achieving the body and lifestyle you've always wanted.

Maybe you have a history of pain that continually interferes with your lifestyle. You have taken various therapies with limited success. And every day, you cannot spring out of bed in the morning, do basic chores, or move as freely as you would like. Even wearing your shoes is an arduous task.

Or you often feel exhausted. You are stressed, and it's consuming your peace of mind and draining your energy. Maintaining your daily routine is challenging, and you need help sleeping. You look in the mirror and don't like what you see. Or your mind wouldn't work even when your body seems fine.

I've tried all kinds of stuff, and maybe you've tried some of the things I have.

  • I battled chronic pain, weight gain, and hormone problems for over 10 years. And it sure was frustrating.
  • I visited doctor after doctor, yet nobody knew what was wrong with me.
  • I tried all the solutions out there, and nothing got meaningful results.
Watch The Free PGE-2 Diet ® Training: 
The Biochemical Link Between Hormones, Weight gain & pain.

It went on for years, and eventually, I got to where I just gave up on everything.

I got so depressed and hopeless that my only source of joy was binging on fast food because it felt good and relieving.

I'm embarrassed to say it, but I dug into a hole that grew deeper every day. But I couldn't stop because I felt there was nowhere else to go.

After trying all the solutions I could find, I wasted a bunch of time and money and ended up worse than when I first discovered the problem. It was extremely frustrating.

Ten years after wallowing in that condition, I discovered why I had nagging pain and hormone imbalances and couldn't lose weight regardless of how much I tried.

The Solution Was Completely Unexpected.

I visited a neurologist to diagnose my condition. You know, just routine.

However, quite surprisingly, the results revealed my problem wasn't fibromyalgia but an autoimmune condition, causing my immune system to attack my nerves and cause damage.

Along with the diagnosis came the stark reality that 70% of the nerves in my left leg were damaged, and I was told I might need a wheelchair.

After crying my eyes out, I realized I needed to be available to take care of my lovely daughter.

On the bright side, I finally had the correct diagnosis after struggling for over a decade and knew what I was dealing with.

I knew I REALLY needed to get back to normal, at least for my daughter's sake, so I searched for a solution... and eventually... I discovered...

The Real Reason I Struggled With Inflammatory Pain, Weight Issues, and Hormone Imbalance

Paradoxically, my medical training and experience couldn't lead me from the problem to the solution. It was the weirdest discovery, literally. Because of this, I ventured out and searched further.

I searched until I stumbled on a research article about a "hormone" that turns off fat burning in the cells.

This is THE medical research that linked PGE-2 to my condition.

According to the research:

"...These findings identify PGE2 as a regulator of the complex network of interactions driving uncontrolled inflammation and fibrosis and impaired adaptive thermogenesis and lipolysis in human obese visceral WAT."

In plain English, what this means is that PGE2 has a direct impact on the response to inflammation, the healthiness of tissues, metabolic functions, and fat burning.

This was my big AHA moment!

I finally discovered why my chronic pain defied all forms of therapy, why I couldn't manage my weight, and why my hormones were so messed up.

And I found that these conditions and their accompanying problems were all linked to PGE2.

Watch The Free PGE-2 Diet ® Training: 
The Biochemical Link Between Hormones, Weight gain & pain.
Watch The Free Mental Health & Hormones Training: 

So, What Is PGE2?

Please pay close attention because it could be why you struggle to optimize your health and well-being.

PGE2 is a hormone-like organic compound that controls inflammatory processes.

But unlike hormones that are released by specific glands, PGE2 is released by many body tissues.

So, for example, if you have an injury or infection, the affected tissue will respond by producing high levels of PGE2. This is a normal part of the body's healing process and will cause inflammation, redness, swelling, pain, and fever. The aim is to protect the tissues from further damage and encourage healing.

However, the body can sometimes produce excessive amounts of PGE2 with chronic disease. This is the cause of our problems.

In my case, I discovered I had too much PGE2, causing excessive inflammation, pain, and many troubles.

  • I was in constant pain because of too much PGE2.
  • My body was severely inflamed.
  • I gained so much weight and got out of shape.
  • I couldn't lose weight no matter how hard I tried.
  • My metabolism was switched off
  • It caused all sorts of hormone imbalances.
  • Which activated more PGE2.

It was a vicious cycle.

And the solution was to break the chain.

The Next Incident Changed My Life Forever!

After discovering the biochemical link between PGE2 and my health problems, I figured out how to control my PGE2 levels.

I'll get to the specifics in a minute. The process involved:

  1. Changing my diet
  2.  Changing my lifestyle habits, and
  3.  Creating a state of balance

It was crucial to maintain this balance because, based on my experience, the organs and systems could start malfunctioning when the body's system is out of balance.

Thus, it is important to achieve and maintain homeostasis or balance.

I continued on this new path, and before I knew it...

I lost 60 pounds naturally, and most of my health issues related to pain, weight gain, and hormone imbalance were gone.

And I noticed that breaking the vicious PGE2 cycle helped me reduce and manage my chronic pain.

  • The less pain I had, the less inflammation I had.
  • The less inflammation, the better I could control my PGE2 levels.
  • The reduction in my PGE2 levels increased my metabolism, and I could finally lose weight and keep it off.
  • The more weight I lost, the better I could reduce my estrogen levels and optimize my health.
  • I finally burned fat for fuel again and regained my normal energy levels. Finally, at last, I had the energy to exercise! And everything became so much easier.

It was great to uncover the root of the problem and finally tackle it from there.

Watch The Free PGE-2 Diet ® Training: 
The Biochemical Link Between Hormones, Weight gain & pain.

And today, I have created a system you can use to overcome the same challenges... without relying on medications, making drastic lifestyle changes that might completely alter your everyday routine, and spending a lot of money.

The PGE-2 DIET® Program

This is an 8-week program for women who want to say goodbye to pain and weight gain and master their hormones naturally.


As I mentioned earlier, the key to managing PGE2 levels is ensuring you are not producing too much PGE2.

This PGE-2 DIET® Program is like taking you by the hand and showing you the everyday activities that will help reset your PG2 pathways.

Here's exactly how the PGE-2 DIET® Program helps you...

  • You'll get an 8-week Meal Plan to know exactly what to eat daily. And even better, you'll soon realize that you are not restricting your diet or eating foods you don't like.

While some people think being on a restrictive diet is the key to losing and maintaining weight, nothing could be further from the truth.

The key is getting all or many of the nutrients your body needs, which is what the 8-week meal plan will help you achieve by showing you the foods your body needs for adequate daily nutrition.

And one of the most common questions about deriving nutrition from foods is... "what foods should I eat, and which ones should I avoid?" This is a very understandable concern. I mean... you could be on a weight loss diet and continue gaining weight instead of losing it. The logical answer is that you are eating the wrong foods.

  • Now you never have to worry about the foods to eat and the ones to avoid. Because you'll be getting a Recipe Guide containing 100+ healthy and delicious recipes. And inside the guide, I've included the foods to eat daily, the foods to enjoy moderately, and the foods to avoid.

If you follow this guide, you will naturally boost your metabolism and make it much easier to control your PGE2 levels. And eventually, properly regulate and control your body functions. Seriously…

When you unplug your PGE2 pathways with targeted nutrition, that's when the magic starts happening.

  • I also made it convenient for you to know the foods by creating a colorful Rainbow Graph. And what you want to do is download it and paste it on your refrigerator. This Rainbow Guide will help you make the most appropriate food choices that will help you stay on track and always eat clean, even on the go.
  • You will also get access to Yoga Videos that are aptly designed to help with chronic pain and regaining strength, balance, and coordination.

These videos incorporate meditation, breathing, stretching, balancing, mobility, and other yoga techniques. They will help you relax, manage stress, improve your mood, curb emotional eating, and increase the release of pain-relieving endorphins.

They will also help you reduce inflammation and improve your flexibility so you can better manage pain, burn more fat and balance your hormone levels.

  • Plus, you are going to access some Fitness Videos to help you stay fit. You can follow along from a poorly conditioned/sick state to fit via Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced fitness. There's also an extra advanced Body Pump video.

So, regardless of your fitness level, you will enjoy these videos and use them to get to your desired fitness state.

  • And you're also going to get access to a set of Aromatherapy Meditation Videos. These are step-by-step videos on how to meditate if you are not already meditating. Each video has a list of aromatherapies recommended for each meditation scene.

When you combine the relaxing scents of aromatherapy with visual meditations and calming music, you will activate a powerful therapeutic synergy that will significantly improve your mood, reduce your cortisol (your body's main stress hormone) levels, reduce pain, and set up your body systems to function optimally.


Here's How The Program Works

This program is a practical course where I show you exactly how to manage pain, lose weight, and balance your hormones. And the strategy is using clean, healthy foods that you'll enjoy and simple fitness and relaxation routines.

  • I'll give you a full grocery list outlining for each of the eight weeks the exact ingredients you need for your meal plan
  • I'll give you the serving size, prep time, and cook time so you know how many servings the recipe creates and how long it will take you to make it. You'll also get the calorie count and the food categories and quantities.
  • I'll tell you what to do to ensure you are eating the right portion sizes, what to do with extra portions, and what to do with leftovers.
  • I'll show you what you should eat daily, what you should eat moderately, and what you should take off your diet.
  • You will learn how to use yoga for meditation and breathing.
  • You will learn the best yoga practices to start your day on the right foot and the best practices to help you sleep better at night.
  • You will learn other important yoga skills that will improve your posture, balance, mobility, circulation, and the management of chronic conditions.
  • You will learn light fitness exercises that will improve your ability to do your everyday activities.
  • You will learn fun and simple exercise routines that will work your muscles, strengthen your bones and build connective tissue.
  • You'll learn equally fun but advanced workouts that will improve your strength, make you fitter, and boost your overall health and fitness.
  • You'll learn how to use aromatherapy and meditation to improve your health and enhance your quality of life.
  • I'll give you the complete meal plan and exercises. Then, all you have to do is follow the guide. It's really simple and easy. 

See Reviews

Maxine, Scottsdale, AZ

“The PGE-2 Diet cured my PMS, balanced my hormones and helped me lose 25 pounds! Dr. Sundene’s program is easy to do and simple for my family to follow. I don’t have to make separate meals to control my weight and I am not on any meal replacements. Thankfully I am able to manage my pain and weight naturally.”

Michelle, Mesa, AZ

“The PGE-2 has helped me to stop taking Methotrexate for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have been on the same dose of medication for over 20 years and nothing any doctor has ever tried helped my pain. I have lost over 75 pounds in four months and have been able to keep it off for over a year now. Nothing was lasting before Dr. Sundene explained to me how PGE-2 was affecting my weight and pain. I keep her simple chart on my refrigerator and that makes it easy to plan my meals. The recipe book is helpful and I have learned how to add fresh herbs to my food so I am using less prescription medicine.”

Bobby, Dallas, Tx

“Can you believe that I lost 30 pounds in just one month on the PGE-2 diet? I was very badly bloated and swollen after I had a baby and continued to gain weight, I was in horrible pain and my face was breaking out with terrible acne I never had before in my life. I started Dr. Sundene’s brilliant PGE-2 Diet and immediately lost weight, the swelling is gone, my eyes are no longer puffy and I don’t need to take any pain medication. This diet has substituted my need for vicodin and I feel so much better and happier knowing I don’t need to rely on medicine. I just needed to learn this new way of eating. I thought it would be hard to do this diet at first but I learned that I actually love to eat this way and there are so many foods that my family loves in the recipe book that I have plenty of ideas thanks to this program. We all love the recipes and it has also helped reduce my daughter’s PMS. Our house is much more peaceful. I am back down to my High School weight and have energy again to do things with my family and have fun. So everyone in my family loves The PGE-2 Diet. Thank you Dr. Sundene!”

Jenny, Los Angelos, CA

“As a Fibromyalgia patient, I have tried many things that have not worked. I can tell you that this diet works very well for chronic constant pain. The only problem with the diet is when I stop doing it the pain returns. But at least now I know what foods I need to eat to feel good again and which foods I need to avoid. I was able to sleep again without needing a muscle relaxer for the first time in 25 years.”

Erica, Phoenix, AZ

“Be careful the PGE-2 Diet might make you pregnant! I started Dr. Sundene’s diet and it immediately helped with my Hashimoto’s joint pain. Within a few months I ended up pregnant and have not used birth control with my husband for 10 years. I was told I could not have a baby without IVF. We are delighted that we can finally have a baby and we owe it to Dr. Sundene’s hormone balancing diet. I feel so much better and it is very easy for me to follow. There are so many foods that I like to eat in the diet that I don’t feel deprived like I am missing anything. My only wish is that I knew about The PGE-2 Diet much sooner!”

Watch The Free PGE-2 Diet ® Training: 
The Biochemical Link Between Hormones, Weight gain & pain.

What's The Value Of The 8-Week PGE-2 DIET® Program?

I'll get to the price in a second, but first, imagine what you can achieve with this program. Imagine what it would mean to finally free yourself from pain, break that weight loss plateau, look leaner, fitter, and younger, and enjoy your everyday activities with an elevated mood, less stress/anxiety, and sharper mind, and more energy.

What would it be worth to you?

Only you can answer that question, but let's assume you are only able to...

  • Overcome your chronic pain
  • Burn off those unwanted pounds and keep them off, or
  • Effectively balance your hormones

...Would it significantly improve your life?

If you say yes, I'm sure the cost will not be an issue. Achieving any of the three states can significantly impact how you experience life. I suffered chronic pain and hormonal imbalances and couldn't lose weight, no matter how hard I tried.

I was locked in this state for over 10 years and will never trade that position for anything. It was a very terrible situation to be in.

With all that said…

This could easily be worth over $500.

And don't forget that you are getting the blueprint I used to unplug my PGE2 pathways and regain control of my body after suffering for 10+ years. And hundreds of my female patients have used this same system to transform their health and lives.

This means you don't have to waste your resources trying to figure out how to unplug your PGE2 pathways because you are getting a proven system.

If you were to invest your resources to find a natural, no-side-effects solution, it could cost multiple $100s to $1000s, depending on the approach.

But you can access the program for a limited time for just $97.


Take Action. Enroll Now and Achieve the Results You deserve!

 I'm absolutely positive that you'll get maximum value from this program because the only time the diet doesn't work for my patients is when they don't do it.

Many of my patients improve in just a few weeks and begin to lose weight, decrease pain, and have better energy.

I have set this up so you can avoid going to an expensive Naturopathic visit and can benefit from my expertise on your own.

All you have to do is complete the program.

You Should NOT Enroll If...

* You are not absolutely committed to taking charge of your hormones, weight, and pain.

* You are not going to follow the directions.

* You have a habit of abandoning tasks.

If you really want to improve weight, pain, and hormones, burn fat for energy and start getting energy from your meals again, click the button below and start immediately.

As soon as you place your order, you'll be able to log in and access the program.

Even better, you'll be able to access the program on your phone or iPad.

All you have to do is download the Kajabi Mobile app so you can stream the videos and enjoy a more convenient learning experience.

I have condensed my extensive professional and personal experience into a series of straightforward and practical steps, and the cost is very affordable.

However, this price is only available for a limited time.

So enroll right now.




Dr. Nicole Sundene,

P.S. Remember, if you want to manage pain, lose weight, and balance your hormones effectively by eating the foods you love without going keto or vegan, without medication, doing tedious exercise, or spending a bunch of money, you'll absolutely love the PGE-2 DIET® Program.

Here's exactly how the program is going to help you. You'll get a complete meal plan that takes the guesswork out of what to eat for the next 8 weeks, plus videos showing how to use yoga, exercise, and meditation to unplug your PGE2 pathways.

And the way the program helps you is simple. All you have to do is follow the meal plan, eat the foods you should eat, avoid the foods that can fuel inflammation, and do the simple exercises.

Case Studies

I used the strategies in the PGE-2 DIET® Program to lose 60 pounds after being stuck at 200 pounds and trapped in my miserable fat suit of pain for over 10 years. The PGE-2 DIET® is the system that helped me conquer pain, lose weight, balance my hormones, and regain my sanity after those 10 long years of misery.

Jenny, a 26-year-old mom with severe PMS, depression, and anxiety, used the PGE-2 DIET® to end her headaches and migraines and regain her sanity. She struggled for about 12 months to lose weight after having a baby. After 3 months on the PGE-2 DIET®, her estrogen dominance reversed, and she finally lost 20 pounds.

Mandy, a 53-year-old with rheumatoid arthritis, used the PGE-2 DIET® to lose 50 pounds in 6 months. Until then, she was frustrated with weight and pain, which had worsened since her last child's birth 18 years ago. But, after embarking on the PGE-2 DIET®, she stopped her medication and is on the way to enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

John, Mandy's husband, unexpectedly tried the PGE-2 DIET® and couldn't be happier with the results. He had a history of prostate cancer and was on different medications for type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. After 3 months on the PGE-2 DIET®, he lost 50 pounds and is no longer on the medications.

Results are not typical. Please consult your doctor for medical advice.

Watch The Free PGE-2 Diet ® Training: 
The Biochemical Link Between Hormones, Weight gain & pain.
Watch The Free Mental Health & Hormones ® Training: 


This effective diet program could sell for $500 or much more.

But you can have it today for $97 only!

But remember, this offer will not be available for long.

So click the button below and get started right away.

As soon as you place your order, you'll be able to log in and access the program.

Even better, you'll be able to access the program on your phone or iPad.

All you have to do is download the Kajabi Mobile app so you can stream the videos and enjoy a more convenient learning experience.

Again, this is a limited time offer.

So enroll right now.