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How to Reduce and Manage Pain, Balance Hormones, Get Fit, and Optimize Energy Levels Using...

The Simple 3-Step System I Used to Finally Eliminate Chronic Pain and Swelling, Balance My Hormones, Transform My Body and Keep the Weight Off

Discover a practical, science-based system that will help you uncover why you have a slow metabolism, experience pain and inflammation, struggle with hormone imbalance, and experience low energy levels and provide a clear road map of what you need to do to fix them.

This system has helped hundreds of my female patients overcome painful conditions and increase energy and metabolism while feeling great inside out and enjoying the life they truly love. Watch the presentation now, as it may not be available for long.



Here's What You're Going to Learn...

The Biochemical Link Between Hormones, Weight Gain & Pain

There is a vicious cycle that connects hormonal imbalances to pain, inflammation, weight gain, and metabolic dysfunctions. You will learn how to break the cycle and take control of your health.


The Little-known “Hormone” That Triggers Pain, Tiredness, and Inability to Reduce Weight

I struggled with chronic pain for 10+ years. After discovering this “hormone,” I could finally manage my pain, swelling, inflammation, redness, fatigue, and allergies. If you are struggling with pain, inflammation, and energy problems, you most likely have abnormally high levels of this problem-causing “hormone.”

The Simple 3-Step System I used to Finally Lose Weight, Keep the Weight Off, Reduce Pain, Swelling, and Balance My Hormones

After discovering the trigger “hormone,” I created a 3-step system that helped me overcome my perennial inflammatory pain condition.

I'll show you the steps and share case studies of a few of my patients who have used the same system to balance their hormones, optimize their metabolism, and improve their health and well-being.


This training is perfect for anyone who:

* Experiences pain and weight management challenges

* Battles hormone imbalance

* Wants to improve their health and well-being through optimized nutrition


 What Some of My Patients Say

Loretta D, Fountain Hills, AZ

"Very knowledgeable and caring. After seeing many doctors for life long depression and anxiety she put me on a natural protocol that has been much more helpful than medications that were given me hot flashes! Highly recommend giving natural medicine a try. I have never felt better, lost 20 pounds. People comment on how great I look now."

AM, Mesa, AZ

"Dr. Sundene is an amazing Dr. She really cares about her patients and takes her time making each and every one feel comfortable. Dr. Sundene is very knowledgeable in the care she provides and all  her patients love her. She has a big heart  and really loves what she does. Dr Sundene is definitely a one of a kind Dr. who you will feel comfortable with and who is very knowledgeable in the holistic treatment she provides to patients. No other Dr. found my Thyroid issues, but Dr. Sundene did. With proper natural medicine and Dr. Sundene to guide me through my diagnosis, I haven't felt this good in years!! Thanks to her I have more energy and can live my life feeling like myself again!!"

Sarah V, Fountain Hills, AZ

"Dr. Sundene is a kind and compassionate doctor that takes the time to listen and care. My hormone cream was screwed up by my OBgyn who didn't even measure my hormone levels before prescribing it. I had gained a ton of weight and felt awful on the cream. She took the time to listen, ordered labs to figure out the exact hormones that I need and also recommended some herbs and vitamins that have me feeling better than when I was 40! I have lost the weight I gained and I absolutely love this doctor!"

Natalie M, Scottsdale, AZ

"I have been having menopause problems for quite some time and nobody seemed to be able to help me. Every doctor said my tests were all normal and I did not need hormones at all. One doctor scared me so badly about using hormones that I had given up until my neighbor sent me here. This doctor took quite a bit to time to listen and explain how stress from work and diet were affecting my hormones. She used a small amount of hormones and Adrenal support herbs to help me feel like myself again and get my libido back. I am thankful to have a good nights sleep after five years of tossing and turning."

About Me

Hi, I'm Dr. Nicole Sundene, and I'm best known for helping women achieve hormone balance as a Women's Health doctor. I earned my medical degree from the world's #1 ranked medical school for Naturopathic Medicine, Bastyr University. One of the prime points was being rated "One of the Top Ten Students of the 2007 Graduating Class" by Dr. Jane Guiltinan, Bastyr's Dean of Students.

I also trained directly with Bastyr University's top Gynecology instructors and Master Herbalists specializing in Women's Health. After Bastyr I Completed a Two-Year Internship in Naturopathic Gynecology and Urology.

I'm a professional member of the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and attend their continuing education programs and gynecology and hormone replacement therapy seminars frequently.

Besides my medical school training, I have worked directly with many talented Family Physicians, Internists, and Pediatricians. And I combine this experience to offer my patients the most comprehensive treatment options from both conventional and holistic perspectives.

I believe the safest approach to hormone replacement therapy is to use the least amount of bioidentical hormones needed to control symptoms while addressing the underlying causes of hormonal imbalance with herbs and nutrition to improve the patient's quality and quantity of life.

I especially enjoy the research involved in treating complex cases and providing chronic disease management with natural therapeutics.

My Metabolism & Inflammation Masterclass will show you how simple strategic diet and lifestyle changes can significantly improve health and well-being.