~Sarah V, Scottsdale, AZ

“Dr. Sundene is a kind and compassion doctor that takes the time to listen and care. My hormone cream was screwed up by my OBgyn who didnt even measure my hormone levels before prescribing it. I had gained a ton of weight and felt awful on the cream. She took the time to listen, ordered labs to figure out the exact hormones that I need and also recommended some herbs and vitamins that have me feeling better than when I was 40! I have lost the weight I gained and I absolutely love this doctor!"

~Martina S, Scottsdale, AZ

“I have been a patient here with Dr. Sundene for ten years and she has offered me a lot of options for my depression so I no longer need to take antidepressants. I call her my "Holistic Psychiatrist." Since she uses natural medicine for depression and anxiety.

I was on Prozac, Wellbutrin, Lexapro and Ativan with no help before I tried natural options. I was also having problems with my weight and severe post partum depression. She found I had some hormone imbalances and gene mutations causing low neurotransmitter levels. It explained why I never felt “right” on antidepressants. I feel really comfortable and safe here and can tell I am in caring hands.”

~Richelle Owens Lee Phoenix, AZ

“For years, I struggled with seasonal allergies. I have tried every single medication out there, and dealt with all the side effects (some hyped me up, some made me so very drowsy!), only to still suffer through allergy season. The best decision I made was to go see Dr. Sundene and try Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Sundene really listened to me and guided me how to fight the allergies without having to take medication. She also educated me on women’s health, my dietary needs, and just about everything under the sun! I left her office feeling like I had a Doctor who FINALLY really cared about my health and wellness. Now allergy season is not the dreaded time of year, and I feel so much healthier!”

~Lori McLaughlin Mesa, AZ

“I’ve had psoriasis for over twenty years and been to every doctor imaginable. A friend sent me to Dr. Sundene and in just 3 weeks I started to see a dramatic improvement. I have never felt better on the diet and supplement program she has me on, and my itchy skin only seems to be a problem now when I eat the wrong foods.”

~Eric M, Tempe, AZ

“For over 16 years I struggled with alcoholism and addiction. I failed several rehab programs and decided to try naturopathic medicine from a friend that also is a patient of Dr. Sundene. For the first time I was treated without judgment by a doctor that actually listened to me. In a few months the doctor had used amino acid therapy, herbs, and vitamin shots to take away my addiction cravings. My diet has never been better and I finally care about myself and what I put in my body. Finally someone addressed my anxiety. My wife would also like to send her thanks as me being clean and sober for six months now has saved our marriage. With her counseling and guidance I learned about self love and the triggers for my addiction. We cannot more highly recommend her.”

~Carrie D, Scottsdale, AZ

“I have had heart burn my entire life and thanks to this doctor I am feeling so much better with the diet she prescribed me! My digestion is a million times improved and I couldn’t be happier I was recommended this doctor!”

~John J, Scottsdale, AZ

“My mom was given excellent care by this doctor and we are so grateful for all of her help. When my mom was sick in the hospital she made sure I had her phone number so I could call her and let her know that she finally passed. You can tell a great doctor when they are emotionally effected by the loss of a patient. We were not just another number here. My mom had so many visits towards the end that she started to think of her as a daughter and you could tell the doctor went above and beyond to help my mom feel listened to and would take a few minutes to entertain her with the latest stories and pictures of her little girl to ease her pain and suffering. She is not only an excellent physician but a very kind hearted soul. I am very grateful for her care and thankful to find such a wonderful women's health doctor in Scottsdale.”

~Dr. Moon, Phoenix, AZ

“Dr. Nicole is simply the best! I have known her for many years and used her brilliant and informative posts I utilize as handouts for my patients. She spends enormous amounts of time researching and gathering information so that she can help the people she comes in contact with, both in person and on the web. I consider her “My” doctor, and wish that she had offices near by. I cannot speak highly enough and would recommend her to anyone in need.”

~Anonymous, Scottsdale, AZ

“Referred to Dr. Nicole by a friend, Dr. Nicole was very thorough in getting to know me and my needs before offering any advice/treatment options. I have been to see her twice  and I will continue to see her for my heath needs. I have not felt this good in a very long time!! I have referred 2 friends to see her and I will continue to spread the word about Dr. Nicole. She is a wonderful addition to the Scottsdale Community!”

~Natalie M, Scottsdale, AZ

“I have been having menopause problems for quite some time and nobody seemed to be able to help me. Every doctor said my tests were all normal and I did not need hormones at all. One doctor scared me so badly about using hormones that I had given up until my neighbor sent me here. This doctor took quite a bit of time to listen and explain how stress from work and diet were affecting my hormones. She used a small amount of hormones and Adrenal support herbs to help me feel like myself again and get my libido back. I am thankful to have a good nights sleep after five years of tossing and turning.”

~Sue M, Scottsdale, AZ

“It is tough to receive good customer service in this economy and I just wanted to recommend and thank my doctor for always being there for me when I got sick on vacation. Her nurse was kind enough to work me in for a phone consultation when I got the stomach flu and saved me a long wait at the only clinic in town. Dr. Nicole really cares and my husband and I feel like she always listens and takes the extra time to get to know us and help us understand about our health problems. We have both never felt better!”

~Loretta D, Paradise Valley, AZ

“Very knowledgeable and caring. After seeing many doctors for life long depression and anxiety she put me on a natural protocol that has been much more helpful than the medications that were giving me hot flashes! Highly recommend giving natural medicine a try. I have never felt better, lost 20 pounds. People comment on how great I look now.”

​~Joanne W Phoenix, AZ

“I am writing this to share how thankful I am for the amazing care I received by Dr. Sundene for my hot flashes. Between the bioidentical hormones, thyroid hormone, herbs, and diet, I have honestly never felt better. My OB referred me to her and I just can’t recommend her knowledgeable care enough! I have to say I was skeptical at first, but after a few weeks all my symptoms and irritablity subsided. Many many thank yous!!”

​~AmyM, Mesa, AZ

“Dr. Sundene is an amazing Dr. She really cares about her patients and takes her time making each and every one feel comfortable. Dr. Sundene is very knowledgeable in the care she provides and all of her patients love her. She has a big heart and really loves what she does. Dr Sundene is definitely a one of a kind Dr. who you will feel comfortable with and who is very knowledgeable in the holistic treatment she provides to patients. No other Dr. found my Thyroid issues, but Dr. Sundene did. With proper natural medicine and Dr. Sundene to guide me through my diagnosis, I haven’t felt this good in years!! Thanks to her I have more energy and can live my life feeling like myself again!!”

​~Linda L, Scottsdale, AZ

“My son was diagnosed with autism recently and we were overwhelmed and terrified before we started care with Dr. Nicole. Finally we could sit down with a doctor that would take the time to answer all of our questions! In just the past few months since he has been receiving the natural treatments from her he began to say his first words. He also has started to sit next to us and attempt to interact with us. That may not sound like much to the average parent, but to a parent like me that has a child lost in his own world, these are major milestones. His teacher has even noticed a marked change in him and he is doing much better in school and interactions. What I enjoy the most about our visits to Dr. Nicole is seeing how much she loves children and how she frets over my son’s health as if he were her own child.”

​ ~Jenna P, Phoenix, AZ

“I have used Dr. Sundene for a few years now. She is always willing to go above and beyond to help out her patients. I have been to so many Doctors who seem as if I am some how inconveniencing them when I have a problem, Dr Sundene is the polar opposite! Her knowledge of Hormones, Family Medicine and many specialties actually saves me thousands of dollars each year. My husband was skeptical at first but our health costs for me quickly went from $10,000 a year to $1000 a year. He now agrees she saves us money.

My favorite part is that she feels like a safe non-judgmental person and customer service surpasses any doctor I have seen before, I would highly recommend her! She explained how my hormones were impacting my mood and causing the migraine headaches. I have been to a million headache specialists and wish I would have started here first. The best part is I have not gone to the hospital with a migraine since I have been her patient!”

​ ~Christina J, Scottsdale, AZ

“I am very impressed with how detail oriented Dr. Sundene is. She was very personable and caring but also knowledgeable and able to finally make the correct diagnosis I did not know I had two autoimmune disease. She discovered two different diseases that I had never been screened before, Sjogren's and Hashimto's. No wonder my skin and mouth were constantly dry with no lotion or mouthwash working.  Service here is by far superior, I have seen a lot of doctors in the past few years. I am thankful to be feeling so much better now and would highly recommend her if you need a very kind hormone doctor.”

​ ~Monica Glass, Chandler, AZ

“I have been seeing Dr. Nicole Sundene for many years and I feel great and have been telling everyone I know about her. I recently had a surgical procedure and the doctor and his staff commented that they were amazed at how fast I was recovering at my two week follow up. I owe that to the wonderful care I have received before and after my surgery from Dr Nicole Sundene! She is the best doctor in Arizona!”

​ ~Brenda E, Cave Creek, AZ

“I’ve had horrible anxiety and depression since I was a teenager. No medication seemed to ever help me. I finally know what it is like to feel like myself again thanks to Dr. Sundene. She treated me with great kindness and respect. Many doctors have told me I need a psychiatrist, treating me like I’m crazy, but really what I needed was to have my hormones and neurotransmitters balanced out. I feel great on the program she has me on! My family has noticed a huge change. I am not wasting my life away crying. I am no longer too tired or scared to leave my house alone and go out in public by myself. I can’t say every day is perfect, but overall finding this doctor to put me on the right nutritional plan, vitamins, herbs and amino acid therapies has been life changing. I also have never known a doctor to just call and check in on me from time to time. I am grateful to be in such caring hands.”

​ ~Jennifer H Scottsdale, AZ

“Dr. Nicole Sundene is professional, courteous and an overall excellent women's health doctor. She takes the time to review the different needs of each of my family members and help us each determine what is best for us. I have referred her to many friends and each one has continued to see her for their health issues. Having my hormones and thyroid balanced have been a game changer for me. I highly recommend this Natural Endocrinologist and Hormone Doctor if you need BHRT or have Hashimoto's!”

14300 N Northsight Blvd Ste 124, Scottsdale, AZ 85260